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Eric Lerner

Eric J. Lerner (b. 1947 Brookline, MA. USA) is an award-winning popular science writer, plasma researcher and advocate of plasma cosmology,[2] In 1991, he authored The Big Bang Never Happened, a popular science book highlighting Plasma Cosmology in comparison to the Big Bang theory. He has also had a number of peer-reviewed papers published, an … Read more

New Scientist Big Bang issue

An Open Letter to the Scientific Community

In 2004, New Scientist, published an open letter from Eric Lerner and about 30 other scientists,[1] criticizing the Big Bang theory, and noting that there are other theories to consider. The text of the letter is reproduced in full below. It originally appeared at (copy). Full text An Open Letter to the Scientific Community … Read more

Physics Today Sep 1986
The Plasma Universe issue of Physics Today (Sep 1986) featuring Hannes Alfvén's popular introductory article on the subject

Plasma Universe

The Plasma Universe is a model of the Universe in which plasma and its known laboratory properties, plays a more significant role in the Universe than is generally accepted. [1] [2] The Plasma Universe includes the applications of well-known plasma phenomena to many astrophysical fields, such as the acceleration of ions through electric fields in … Read more

Plasma Universe resources

1 Books 1.1 Physics of the Plasma Universe by Anthony L. Peratt 1.2 The Electric Sky by Donald E. Scott 1.3 The Big Bang Never Happened by Eric J. Lerner 1.4 Cosmic Plasma by Hannes Alfvén 1.5 Cosmical Electrodynamics by Hannes Alfvén and Carl-Gunne Fälthammar 1.6 The Norwegian Aurora Polaris Expedition 1902-1903 by Kristian Birkeland … Read more

Kristian Birkeland

Plasma cosmology

Plasma cosmology is a model of the origins of the Universe in which plasma and electromagnetic forces play a significant role, and in which an actualistic approach is preferred: i.e. starting from the observed present-state and trying to extrapolate backwards in time to even more ancient states.[2] Hannes Alfvén also investigated the merits of a … Read more

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