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Ian Tresman

My name is Ian Tresman. I started the Plasma Universe Web site in order to (a) describe some of the phenomena associated with the most prevalent state of matter in the Universe, plasma (b) to try and overcome the overt pseudoskepticism towards the subject on Wikipedia, where a small number of individuals felt it was their mission to deny the Plasma Universe, rather than describe it.

I've tried to supplement all the articles with citations to peer-reviewed papers, or academic books on the subject, so please double check with the primary sources.


The Wikipedia article on Plasma Cosmology falls far short of describing the subject. A fairly detailed version of the article used to exist, until it was replaced by a far shorter version at the beginning of January 2007, a version which mistakenly attributes the origin of Plasma Cosmology to Klein cosmology, and devotes a quarter of the article to a description of Standard Cosmology.

The charge of pseudoskepticism is based on (a) the article being tagged with "pseudoscience" category tags in 2005 (twice), and editors confirming that they have "an agenda to decrease the visibility of plasma cosmology"[1]

The current version of the Plasma Cosmology Wikipedia article includes many error, and requests for citations to support statements that are still unfulfilled after three years.

About me

Born in 1960, I am a professional Web designer based in the UK. I also have a B.Sc (Hons) in Chemistry from the University of East Anglia, and a Masters in Computer Sciences from the University of Manchester.


You can write a general message on my Discussion page (Tabbed link, top). Or you can send me a private email using the Toolbox link, bottom right.